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how are you my lambs? little tender footed crabs, meet my knuckle duster

Things I love

the smell of baby powder scented shaving cream. post shower.
the feel of tangerine juice running between your index finger and thumb.
the jump your jumbly knot of a stomach takes when you see that special someone.
post work-out exhaustion. its cathartic. but not post work exhaustion.
speaking of, getting a paycheck.
the rush and a push and the book will be finished. the "just one more page" race against the clock before you go to sleep.
naps with my cats.
starbucks with carly, and dunkin donuts with shannan and eva and alex.
chinese restaurant tea. along with a racist eva and no soy sauce, sorry.
finding an old CD you hadn't listened to in forever. especially mix CDs.
watching Aqua Teen at midnight, half delirious from the need for sleep.
Italy, Italy, Italy.
having half bilingual conversations.
England, going to England, Heathrow Airport, English telly, English men.
reminiscing about middle school in art class, ha.
not being in middle school anymore.
being on the verge of going to college.
senior project.
looking for "the" book in Artists & Authors while chilling with the resident cat.
buying clothes & dressing up.
the fact that Alex is going to be the hired help, our groundskeeper!
sleeping in the 'nook' of Zach's arm.
going to Scotland this June by myself, to visit my sister.
maybe going back to Cambridge Uni this summer too.
annnd...going on a cruise to the Gulf of Mexico in a few hours :o

have a goof vacation everyone! yes, a goof. muah <3
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