deb (cor_blimey) wrote,

Well. Lets see.

I'm sick. Bad sick. Thought-I-had-whooping-cough sick. Congestion, terrible coughing, chills and a fever were all the lovely ailments I had to suffer through in my interrupted night of sleeping. And it got even worse today. Now, I liked going to Florida last week to get some time under the sun, but I did say that I'd like the place where I live to have seasons, such as here in Massachusetts.

Let me completely take that back. I hate winter right now. And I hated fall too. Ever since we shut the windows I've had allergies to whatever is in my house - probably all the dust. It is an antique house after all. Plus its damn cold in my room. Well now I'm allergic and sick.

But enough complaining. I willl admit that I do like seeing the snow coat everything, and hearing the snow (or maybe its uh, freezing rain) falling on the tree branches next to my room. Plus having a blackout was pretty cool. I walked all around Old Town in the slush (probably why I got sick) with Zach pretending like it was the olden times when there was no electricity. You should've seen my house when the blackout first hit. It was pitch black and huge and scary as mofo. But people lived in this house for a century and then some without electricity, so it was kind of cool. He, his parents and I ended up playing scrabble by candlelight, and I was actually kind of disappointed when the electricity came whirring back on.

A-less-than-a-year-old hippo has adopted
a male tortoise, about a century old,
and the tortoise seems to be very happy with being a mother.

If that isn't the cutest thing in the world... Even though hippos are kind of mean-arses. But aww, it was orphaned and lost when the tsunami hit the Kenyan coast.

Me and my attack-kitten Misty!

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