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An intimate detail of my dinner (chicken Florentine).

When I eat meat I feel like a dinosaur
or a sabre toothed tiger. I feel prehistoric tearing
and shredding rosy pink succulent flesh.

If I had better self control I'd probably be a vegetarian.
Well already I don't eat Phish or fork.

Couscous makes me feel positively Moroccan.

Spinich makes me feel leafy. And also disgusted. I hate spinich.

One year ago, MLK weekend, I was on the streets in Boston with the homeless.
Street Retreat.

I've been enjoying these past few weeks very much. But like all good things,
It must come to an end, and now the bad begins. Midterms. But you must have bad in the world
so you can have good. Imagine: if everything were always good we'd grow accostumed to it and therefore couldn't appeciate what we had.

I bought five CDs this week. Flipping five.

My buying habits seem to come and go, and I buy everything all at once in short outbursts then go for long periods of time in which I don't.

I bought. Elliot Smith, Le Tigre, The Faint, Bjork, and Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou soundtrack. Two of these CDs I could've downloaded off Chris. But I now feel better about paying ridiculously high prices for CDs instead of downloading them for free.

Sort of.
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