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Baha, a really weird thing happened at work tonight.

So, my math teacher has been absent for the past two days because he's had a case of shingles. We also happen to have a big math test scheduled for tomorrow, and I don't think anyone is prepared. Tonight I was complaining to Joe about it, and we start talking about this math teacher, all the while I'm ringing up this lady's order and Joe's bagging it. Joe says something to the effect of, "We had a girl in my math class last year named Roxanne, and [the teacher] would always randomly sing "ROXANNNE" (a la Sting) and I just kind of laughed and said "What a weirdo." And we talk more about the fact he has shingles. Then I had to ask the woman for her ID for the alcohol...

Her last name was the same last name of my math teacher. I raise my eyes and all I can say is, "Are you...?" And she nods and says, "Yes, I'm his wife." Oh-my-gosh my face turned like 10 shades of red, I'm sure. Out of all the checkout lanes she had to be in mine at the same exact time I'm talking about her husband. It was crazy! Anyway, I mention the fact that we have a math test tomorrow that no one is ready for, and she's like "I can find out if he's still going to make you take it." So she calls him on her cell phone, and well atleast I didn't mortify myself for nothing - he agreed to push it back to Monday. Hoorah!

I bet that story tops Jingle Ball! Nyah :P
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