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Ok, this pisses the hell out of me.

A druggist refuses to give out someones prescription for birth control pills because of the druggist's moral beliefs.

Wow, what is our country coming to. Seriously.

If the pharmacist at CVS denied me my pill, then I'd go fucking apeshit on him. Hey asshat, there's nothing illegal about birth control pills (yet, unless Bush gets his way), so do your goddamn job and give me my medication. They'd probably like to ban selling condoms as well. These must be the geniuses who really believe that whole 'Abstinence Sex-Ed' program is really going to work. Riiight.

Going by this logic, shouldn't Walmart employees also be allowed to refuse to sell their customers bullets?

As a grocery store cashier, I wouldn't tell a customer they can't buy meat products if I were a vegetarian. I'm not vegan nor a vegetarian, but I wouldn't let my belief system INTERFERE WITH OTHER PEOPLE'S. Even if I were kosher or halal, I'd still let OTHER people buy it. Because HEY they might not share my beliefs! Wow, what a thought - its called diversity! and tolerance!

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